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WindowFix Redesign

​WindowFix is a construction company in Brooklyn and their website needed a redesign to generate new sales leads. I consulted for them on the UX research, conducting interviews, IA, content strategy, developing wireframes, prototypes and helping to build the new website. 


12 users. Ages 26-60. 3 Women / 9 Men

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Key Findings

  • Primary audience: Homeowners

  • Top information: Product types, Services, and Completed Work

  • Customer Service is the most important aspect

  • Need for immediate conversation with a professional - online chat mentioned

  • “Request Quote” at homepage was early in the process and too direct

  • On-site reviews are important, as are those on 3rd Party websites

  • WindowFix's location and physical storefront gave credibility

  • Research habits: friends' referrals and research on Google and 3rd party review websites

Affinity Mapping
2 Personas
Problem Statement

"Homeowners need a home installation company that is reliable and provides great service because he wants to solve the house issue quickly and with great aesthetic"


How might we help homeowners to get a reliable and great quality home installation service?


We believe that by giving users more information about WindowFix previous work, reviews and easy access to customer service, WindowFix will help homeowners to trust more the installation service. We will know this to be true when the number of new leads via email, calls or quotes request on the website increases compared to the previous website design.

Concept Sketches

User Journey 1: Request a Quote

User Journey 2: Product Details

Usability testing

Website flow was clear and users wanted to explore products, services and previous work. Users didn't understand what WindowFix does and the Request Quote at the homepage was too upfront.​​Recommendations:

  1. Add call and chat features (very accessible)

  2. Separate Products and Services into 2 pages

  3. Expose products and services at the homepage

  4. Remove "Request Quote" process

  5. Make clear that people can scroll homepage for more content

  6. Change value propositions to partner brand logos on homepage. Value propositions didn't demonstrate enough credibility. Some brands that WindowFix carry were mentioned by users

  7. Keep Reviews only on product pages (remove press page)

New Wireframes