Creating a platform to give political power to citizens

A team of designers, developers and marketers created LobbyForMe in the aftermath of the 2016 election. We asked the question, “how can we help citizens have greater influence on government, regardless of how much money they have?”. Our research led us to conclude that calling your representative has the greatest impact on their voting. We decided to create a platform to make calling campaigns frictionless.


We created a platform to create campaigns for a cause and to share with others. Our main objective was to give more power for people as a collective in the government system.



To make it seamless the flow between the two personas we had, as we call the "Activist" and "Supporter". Activists needed to quickly create campaigns and feel motivated to share it. We made the account creation optional for quick completion. Also, the representatives calling system had a limit of simultaneous calls. We provided a scheduling system that is flexible.

For the "Activist"

Person who creates campaigns and shares with friends

For the "Supporter"

Person who receives the campaigns and call hers/his representative