Frameology Redesign Part 1 - Research

Research Plan


1. Identify needs and usability issues on website
2. Learn about product interests and gaps (style, price, packaging, etc)

Key Areas of Inquiry 
1. Overall experience with website & motivation to buy frames
2. Homepage experience (How clear Frameology message is)
3. Shop pages experience
4. Product's needs
5. Checkout experience


4 users. Ages 28-40. 2 Women / 2 Men

Key Findings

  • Frame buyers have 2 main intents: give a framed photo as a gift or frame something personal (art for example) for their own home.

  • Users choose a frame based on the style of the gift recipient, the importance of the photo, or their own style

  • Majority of people are willing to pay only up to $50 to decorate their home vs. $60 plus when giving a gift.

  • Users showed preference for modern, clean styles and warm colors.

Shared Point of Frustration

  • Frame buyers were concerned about how their photo would look in the frame, and if it would match with the “room” decor.


  • Users wanted to be inspired with great product photos, other customer product photos and popular product options

  • Product reviews from customers were important to show quality

  • Want recommendations and customer support when buying online

Affinity Mapping
  • Evaluation of website (Homepage)

  • Customization (Builder Page)

  • Choosing a product (Shop Page)

  • Frame usage

  • Issues/ Confusions

  • Price/ Shipping

After rearranging the notes, I chose to focus on the top sub-group of “Customization (Builder Page)” for adjusting frame and photo. Here is why I picked this:

  • Notes from all 4 different users

  • Users mentioned the need multiple times

  • Contained more post-its than any other sub-group (13)


Users cared about visualizing their photo in a frame. Then, they wanted to try other frames or photos until they found the right fit. Also, users wanted recommendations for styling their frame & photo.

6 major groups of user common goals:

Problem Statement

"Frame buyers need to find the right frame style because they want something that matches their photo and taste."


How might we help users match their photo with a frame based on style?


We believe that by allowing users to upload a photo at the homepage and browse for frames while looking at their photo, Frameology will help frame buyers to find frames that fit their photo and personal style. We will know this to be true when the number of buyers per uploaded photos increases compared to the previous website design.

Userflow & Sitemap
Feature Prioritization

Features of high impact and easy execution:

  1. Similar frames - builder page

  2. Multiple filters - shop & builder pages

  3. Filter by frame style - shop page

  4. Style customer support - website

  5. Square frame filter - shop page

  6. Zoom in frame - shop page

  7. Zoom in/ out & crop image - builder page

  8. Most popular filter - shop & builder pages

  9. Customer frames section - homepage

  10. Add mat - builder page

  11. Instagram section - homepage

  12. Story section - homepage

Next Steps

Work on concept sketches and wireframes from low to high fidelity and conduct usability tests in observe users behaviors and gain insight on the design.