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How the new Amex Help Center reduced calls and increased digital engagement

Help Center needed to be more digital friendly and allow users to easily find information online. I worked with a team to enhance the existing experience by adding new features and enhancing previous ones to simplify the design and content. Responsive was key here specially for a better mobile experience as well.  


1. Limited content

2. Not relevant information (e.i. Connect Socially)

3. Discoverability issues (categories hidden in tabs)

amex swirl white.png
amex swirl white.png
  1. Search and auto populated results

  2. Shortcuts to most popular journeys

  3. Online chat

  4. Less content and expose everything in a page

  5. Improve FAQs to show more answers 

Clean up content and give more ways to find information

lg initial designs.png
lg initial designs.png
lg initial designs.png

 Content hierarchy! We needed to find the right design balance to educate users of new ways to find information (e.i. search, shortcuts, chat, etc) while also making clear how to reach out to customer service. Another challenge was creating a flexible FAQ component with multiple categories in mobile. We couldn’t create a custom dropdown, but we needed a visual indicator that there was many categories. An expanded collapsible panel worked it this case.

3 Usability Tests and ideation

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